Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2013

CBS presents on its website information about Census 2011 Household Income

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD – The Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) publishes again new information from Census 2011 on its website. It is information with regard to the household income.

Some observations on the basis of the tables in the series Household Characteristics are:

In 2011, 14 percent (7,767) of all households had an income of 1000 guilders or less per month, 16 percent (8,728 households) have an income of 1000 to 2000 guilders per month. The proportion of households with a household income above 10,000 guilders per month is 12 percent (6594).

The household income is calculated by adding all income in the household together.

The average of all household income amounts to 5,332 guilders per month. The average household income depends on the household size and the number of people in a household with an income. Compared with the average household income in 2001 (adjusted for inflation)it is up 9.4 percent.

The lowest income to 1000 guilders per month consists of nearly 66 percent (5,108) of households headed by women. Households where a woman is the head are over represented in the lower income classes: 41 percent (9,808) of all households with a female head has an income of up to 2,000 guilders per month. For households with a man at the head is 22 percent (6687).

Households with a man at the head have an average household income of 6,389 guilders per month. For households headed by women, the average household income is 3,981 guilders per month, almost 40 percent lower.

Based on the income data from the Census, the CBS will hold a short-term depth study of the income distribution development between 2001 and 2011.



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