Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2017

Find solution for empty buildings in downtown Punda

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - Downtown Punda is in disarray because of the remarkably high number of empty buildings. “The result of seven lean years, since October 10, 2010,” says Raygen Zuiverloon, director of the Downtown Management Organization (GMO). Punda is still not a golden pot for business owners.

Economic decline, less-spending tourists, duty-free shops at the airport, internet shopping, more and more outdoor shopping outlets, and, according to the number of residents of Curacao, far too large shop and office buildings on the island. And every year there are more.

The number of challenges for Punda is a numerous, according to the director of DMO. To add directly: the series of government changes in the past seven years.

“So many ministers ... Every time we have the same conversation again, and every time there was little progress made between the agreements.”

Lack of continuity of policy is murdering the city's image, concludes Zuiverloon.

“Let's hope that the current government lasts for at least four years so that we can build the future of our inner city.”

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