Published On: Wed, May 27th, 2015

InselAir’s contribution has increased to nearly 10% of Curaçao’s economy

P1040594WILLEMSTAD – The local aviation company, InselAir’s market development last year was encouraging. InselAir started 11 new destinations and increased frequencies in three destinations. In total InselAir started 25 new frequencies per week from Curaçao, which is 54% of the market shares of the Curaçao airport. The local airline has brought more growth in destinations, passengers and frequencies than all other airlines together.

During a press conference, the Chief General and International Affairs, Edward Heerenveen and the Chief Executive Director, Albert Kluijver indicated that InselAir contributes to nearly 10 percent to the Curaçao economy and with over 2860 jobs on the island.

“Our economic footprint and catalytic effect on local employment and GDP is 8.3 percent and the catalytic effect to the tourism industry is of 9.6 percent. This means that from every 10 guilder contribution to the GDP that is in the total economy of Curaçao, one is from InselAir. The total contribution of all airlines operating in Curaçao is the same as InselAir alone,” said Mr. Heerenveen.

“If InselAir was not a local based airlines its contributions to the local economy would be significantly less. If we compare the local airlines with any other foreign carrier it means that InselAir contributes 6.4 times more to the economy of the island.”

According to the CEO, the foreign airlines don’t employ 600 people directly. They don’t buy parts and lubricants at local shops. The foreign airlines don’t pay millions in taxes, they don’t participate as much as a local airline to the social paragraph in Curaçao. “They don’t pay as much at the airport as InselAir does. They do not transport as many people from the airport as InselAir does,” said Kluijver.

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