Published On: Wed, Jan 13th, 2016

Speech Chairman of the board of Curacao Airport Holding during groundbreaking airport expansion project

P1050704Today marks an important milestone in the future development of our internationally competitive Curaçao International Airport. Please take note that you are witness to the groundbreaking that will pave the way to taking our airport to the next level. Ultimately making us all proud.

Curaçao Airport Holding, is, on behalf of the government of Curaçao, the supervisor of airport activities. We constantly monitor and stimulate the performance of the airport operator CAP. Together with CAP we engage in the innovation and growth of our airport’s service level and capacity.

In our 2014 - 2018 Strategic Masterplan, Curacao Airport Holding has prioritized the upgrade of our airport’s service level and passenger capacity.

Our long time partnership with Curaçao Airport Partners is proving to be a strong and future focused bond. At the moment our airport accommodates 1.8 million passengers per year. After the expansion it will be able to accommodate 2.5 million.

CAP will invest two thirds of the total budget expansion. CAP see value in our airport and Island. Take note that CAP will invest more than 2.5 times the amount they should according to the DOMA. They should invest 10 million USD but decided to invest 25 million dollars.

CAH will invest the other third. We are proud to contribute to this ambitious airport expansion plan with 14 million USD.

It is our firm belief that Curaçao International Airport should play a central role in positioning Curacao as an international powerhouse between Europe and the Americas. Singapore’s slogan is: “Where east meets west” Why not dream it, for Curacao: “where north meets south.”

The sky should not be the limit, when envisioning the Curaçao International Airport to be a highly efficient airport, Traffic from all destinations, and connecting the passengers and cargo from every continent.

The airport will be at the center of a dynamic Airport City with aviation and non-aviation businesses, focusing on green, sustainable, innovative and knowledge-intensive industries. Creating a powerful engine for economic development, claiming our international competitive position and stimulating employment on our island.

As my fellow speakers of today have extensively illustrated, the airport expansion will greatly upgrade the passenger experience of our island’s visitors.

But the expansion will also greatly contribute to the airport’s competitive position in the international airline arena.

I leave you with a quote from our partner and friend, Mr. Ralph Blanchard: “If it’s good for the airport it’s good for CAP. If it’s good for CAP it’s good for the airport”. And I say; then it should be good for the Island and people of Curacao.

Photo: Jerry Semper, Chairman of the Board

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