Published On: Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

Thought-provoking and motivational ‘Inspiring Growth’ breakfast series by IBIS Management Systems

IBISWILLEMSTAD - On Wednesday, November 4, 2015 the first of a series of three breakfast meetings with Curaçao entrepreneurs was held at Sonesta Kurá Hulanda Hotel by IBIS Management in the context of 15 years of the company. Fifteen years ago, a young and aspiring entrepreneur, armed with ‘nothing more’ than a borrowed laptop, a vision and strong desire to succeed, set out on a journey to start a company. Today IBIS Management Associates Inc. has grown into a highly specialized and internationally renowned advisory and technology provider for the Caribbean, Americas and European financial sector.

As part of IBIS Management’s 15th Anniversary celebration activities and events, a series of Inspirational, Thought-provoking and Motivational breakfast sessions are offered free by IBIS to the Curaçao Entrepreneur. In these breakfast sessions, staff members of IBIS share their experiences and lessons learned, as well as valuable tips and tricks to help Curaçao entrepreneurs on their journey to succeed internationally.

“With our self-authored technology solutions and award winning concepts for operational excellence, IBIS Management is the living proof that hard work, a clear focus, and determination will defy the expectations on what can be achieved by a Curaçao born and raised technology company, “ says Clark Russel, CEO and of Co-founder of IBIS Management Assoc. “Our journey to international success has provided us with many experiences and lessons learned which we feel need to be shared with entrepreneurs of Curaçao. We want to inspire and encourage Curaçao entrepreneurs to follow in our globalization footsteps by sharing the experiences of our ongoing journey to success. Our goal is to give to talented and aspiring Curaçao entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools and ingredients for international business success and growth.”

The breakfast series arefree but one has to register and purchase tickets is external). The organizers encourage Curaçao entrepreneurs to attend all three sessions.

The topics covered as follows:

Day one will inspire you to turn an idea into a real-life business. Learn how IBIS started with little to no resources, a borrowed laptop and determination to succeed. Learn about the importance of and how to prepare for international markets from the early stages of your business or concept. We will share key strategies as well as pitfalls, along with do’s and don’ts based on real life experiences.

Thursday, November 5th (day 2)

Day two will take you through an inspirational journey on accessing international markets. Find out how to prepare and take the initial steps towards your first international client. Receive key information on how to enter new markets and practical tips and tricks on IBIS Management’s marketing and sales strategies to capture global clients.

Friday, November 6th (day 3)

On day three the IBIS Management staff and other top level professionals in their expertise will take you to the next level. Learn how to further expand into additional markets, collaborate with international partners, while taking care of team and organizational developments. On the last day you will also have the opportunity to inspire others with your own story during our ‘inspirational minute’.

Whether you are a one-person startup about to take off in pursuit of your passion or you have been in business for a while and looking to up your game internationally, we are making ourselves available during and after these sessions to give you an insight into IBIS’ successes, but also to let you in on how IBIS Management dealt with the many pitfalls and stumbling blocks along the way.

“IBIS believes in giving back and we know that the more successful people and businesses we have on our island, the better the future for our community and economy. Entrepreneurs play an important role in any community and the success of our economy depends on us.  Curaçao has always proven to have many talented and driven individuals who just need that motivation and possible piece of advice to step into or continue a successful journey.”

The sessions will be presented by IBIS professionals in collaboration with others that have also been successful, both locally and internationally. The key presenter is Mr. Clark Russel, CEO and co-founder of IBIS Management Associates. His passion for the businesses is contagious and his determination to succeed is apparent in the journey of IBIS Management. He will share his story, thoughts, ideas and pointers that will inspire you in your own journey for further growth.

The Curaçao Chamber of Commerce

Billy Jonckheer, President of the Chamber of Commerce states; “The Curaçao Chamber of Commerce and Industry envisions Curaçao as the next competitive and innovative Export Nation. We therefore applaud the IBIS Management initiative to offer our domestic entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from their experience and be equipped to go to the next level in their export endeavors. Their initiative is precisely what the Chamber has been busy with over the past years and IBIS is an excellent example that Curaçao’s entrepreneurs can find a niche and sell their services abroad. We we have great potential and should not limit ourselves, as long as we keep a positive attitude and persevere in our efforts to be successful.”

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