Published On: Mon, May 27th, 2013

Caribbean Tour: Artist Raphael “Loopro” Monsanto

Bildgröße ändernWILLEMSTAD - Fancy a different kind of night out on the town with live Music? Come and see the show of Raphael “Loopro” Monsanto.  This one-man band will be coming to the Antilles for a first time island tour, organized in co-operation with Insel Air and Camp David ( clothing ).

During four weeks Raphael has 14 scheduled gigs on Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire, and might even visit St Martin. By using his unique loop station Technique Raphael delivers an energetic live show building a complete band by looping several different instrument sequences and giving it all a European touch. With this visit Raphael hopes to bring a bit of Europe to the islands and in return take home a bit of Caribbean inspiration.

‘My previous shows in November and January where amazing. So now I am trying to come back to the Caribbean on a regular basis, ‘ the artist comments with a smile.

‘I am extremely happy and grateful for Insel Air is sponsoring me, I now have the opportunity to play on several different islands, and that’s just amazing. `

What can you expect at Raphael´s show? A great compilation of international hits and

Beautiful songs, which the natural born entertainer strings together in his own unique way. Even the audience already familiar with Raphael´s act will be surprised. The guitarist has added some new tricks to his already broad setup, which make for an even more interesting show. Raphael will be performing at the Riffort Village, New York beach Club, Tutu Tango, O mundo Curacao, Moomba Beach and Arawak Gardens Aruba, City Café and Spice Beach Club Bonaire, other locations will follow, please check Raphael´s website for details.

In short, keep checking your local media because during four weeks Insel Air and Camp David ( clothing ) will be bringing this talented Musician and his Loopstation technique to several different

Caribbean Islands ( Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba) Want to know more?

Follow Raphael on facebook or visit his website

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