Published On: Mon, Mar 14th, 2016

Levi Silvanie introduces ‘Sigui Stima’ (feat. Willem Blankenburgh)

New, yet recognizable

Photo by Niko Da Costa Gomez  (1)The first sounds of Sigui Stima may not immediately remind you of Levi Silvanie. The brand new track of Curacao’s most beloved singer, which was created together with guitar virtuoso Willem Blankenburgh, has a refreshing opening. For this latest track Levi has joined forces with producer Oscar Bor to explore the world of electronic music. Despite this new style the sound is still 100 percent Levi and a fitting new chapter in the singer’s versatile career.

It all started about 10 years ago during a jam session in former hot spot De Tropen. Here Levi and Willem met for the first time. They immediately felt the need to collaborate one day. In this same period Levi wrote the better part of the song Sigui Stima. However, the song missed something, Levi thought. Therefore, the song was never produced and slowly faded to the background.

But this all changed recently. The finishing touch turned out to be an existing text. It’s a passage from a children’s book soon to be published by Levi. This passage became the hook that completed the track.

Sigui Stima describes the need to have love in your life. Love in its essence is the need to give, not to take. Even though you may follow your dreams of wealth and success, without love, your life cannot be complete. In short: whatever you do, Sigui Stima.

The timing of the launch Levi’s latest work couldn’t have been chosen better. “In the beginning of 2016 we were shocked by shootings on the island,” Levi says. “At one of those shootings, a young mother got killed. How will her children grow up? With hate or with love? These events touch me deeply. Music gives me the strength to cope with these things. With music, I want to give something back to the bruised society.”

Levi advises, “listen to Sigui Stima when you’re down, for example. The track starts out neutral, and builds up to a positive feeling. Sigui Stima reminds you that you have goals in life. You have love.”

Sigui Stima will be played on all popular radio stations. Hear Sigui Stima live on March 27 during the Sigui Stima Documentary Concert! Inquire at:

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