Published On: Mon, Mar 25th, 2013

Music Show on the Freewinds Ship April 2, 2013

FreewindsYOUNG TALENT IN PROGRESS - Concert of the Students of the Cross Over Youth Movement Foundation (music school)

Willemstad - The music school Cross Over Youth Movement Foundation will have a concert of its youngsters on coming April 2nd. If you believe that children are our future, come and support this concert. Place: Freewinds Ship. Time: 20.00-22.00. (seating starts at  19:30). Dresscode: Gala/chique; Price: fl. 25,-

Cross Over Youth Movement Foundation is the Official Name of the Music School of Roy ‘Toni’ Worrell. People of all ages are thaught in this foundation, but the main focus is on young individuals. Some are with the CYMF for years, and some for only a few months. The participants are from the ages of  6 – 22 and more years old!

The aim for April 2nd is to create a podium where these students can show case what they have been practicing for the time they are part of CYMF. First and foremost in front of their relatives and also for the broader public to see. Because Toni believes that anyone aspiring to sing should be able to train not only their voices, but also their stage presence, stage performace and confidence in order to be able to convey their message musically.

The music school of Toni Worrell works with 4 different levels: level 1 and 2 for beginners, level 3 for advanced and level 4: the improvised level. This evening CYMF will be first and foremost presenting the first 3 levels.

Background info on the name and aim of the school:

Movement is for “… on the move to bigger and better achievements, based on a very subtle but strong foundation: not only on academical knowledge, but on the word of God”.

Christian Youth Movement Foundation (music school) was founded in 1994, by the still acting musical director, composer, lyricist and teacher who is also known in the community as a very celebrated jazz artist Roy ‘Toni’ Worrell. [1]

After working with various Jazz ensembles and pop groups in Holland, he spent a lot of time touring Europe and worked with some well known names in the world  such as Kenny G; Maxi Priest; Ruby Turner; Daniel Sahuleka; Massada; the late Withney Houston etc…

Yet Toni’s main goal is to always share his musical knowledge with the up coming youth, especially in the region of South America and is now on a quest to doing that. His legacy is to train, encourage and develop the skills of our talented youth, giving them an equal opportunity to success in our evolving world.

Toni’s special message to each and every one of his students, that is willing to become someone that means something in this world tomorrow, is to work hard, give it your best shot, believing in God and yourself that you can do it.

His aim is to leave some of the greatest artists ever to be produced on this part of the world to stand on any stage, where ever, when ever and to perform excellently. Giving back to society, what was given to him by God, in the first place.

Toni has become a very strong and radical believer and follower of Christ. He is a revolutionist and is willing to turn the world up side down, if needed be, for the love of Christ. There is no distinction in his norms, respect or discrimination towards anyone or any religion whatsoever. Toni preaches the message of love, for the message is Love. Did you get the message?  So smile!

[1] Toni became interested in music at a very young age; and did choir singing at 11 years old; graduated from High School and Music College cum laude, with certificates of excellence before his 18th birthday. He then traveled the world, celebrating, adapting and learning the different musical cultures of the world. He then resided in LondonEngland, and in Amsterdam Holland, where he worked and developed his musical skills to excellence.

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