Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2013

“Salsa Giants”: New York In Curaçao

The World Premiere of “Salsa Giant” in Curaçao -Sold Out!

IFRWILLEMSTAD (CSN) -- On Saturday night I attended the World Premiere of “Salsa Giants” at the 2nd Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam: an unforgettable experience, the best!

“Salsa Giants” was filmed in Curaçao during the 3rd Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival last year, with additional footage shot in the United States. For this occasion Sergio George delighted the audience of over 12,000 music lovers with his “Sergio George’ All Star Salsa Friends”.

All the Salsa greats are featured in the movie as they performed under the stars in Curaçao: Cheo Feliciano, Andy Montañez, Oscar D' León, Willy Chirino, Marc Anthony, Luis Enrique, José Alberto "El Canario", Tito Nieves, Nora of "Orquesta de La Luz" and Charlie Zaa. These artists represent the best Salsa singers from the Caribbean & Latin America, United States and Japan.

“Salsa Giants” unites the grand pioneers of Salsa with the younger generation of Salsa singers: a meeting of icons, idols and fans. The birth and history of Salsa are highlighted throughout “Salsa Giants” with historical footage of concerts and recordings, going all the way back to Fania All-Stars when it all began.

Icon Salsa singer Cheo Feliciano, an original member of Fania All-Stars, Andy Montañez "El Godfather de la Salsa" and the unique Oscar D' León reminisced on the beginning of Salsa music and dance in New York, and the club scene in that era. The younger generation chipped in with historical notes about the first collaboration between Sergio George and Tito Nieves, and Sergio George and Marc Anthony. The interviews and first hand background information provided invaluable insights into Salsa history by the masters of the art.

“Salsa Giants” was directed by the award winning Venezuelan filmmaker Pablo Croce with executive producers Gregory Elias, Sergio George and Pablo Croce. Gregory Elias is the founder of the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival and the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam.

“Salsa Giants” will go on sale this summer and it will be joining the ranks of legendary Latino music movies like:

“Salsa Giants” also raises the bar of Latino music movie making: “We don’t know what it is, but there is something magical going on in Curaçao!” stated Gregory Elias.

“Salsa Giants” is filled with love for Salsa and full of vibrant positive energy: it is clearly a work of love by everyone involved in making the documentary. I felt very proud about my country Curaçao throughout the movie.

“Salsa Giants” received a standing ovation from the audience that started during the credits. Pablo Croce was available after the movie to answer questions and interact with the public.

To the surprise of the audience, Gregory Elias and Sergio George were seated in the back of the theater watching the World Premiere of “Salsa Giants” and living the first public experience of the movie. They were invited to the stage by CIFFR host Ms. Angela Roe under the shower of a standing ovation by the movie goers. Gregory Elias thanked the key players and the complete team in the making of the movie and realizing this dream project.

There is no doubt that “Salsa Giants” will become an important milestone in Salsa history and that this movie will have a major impact on the tourism industry in Curaçao.

“Salsa Giants”: An instant classic is born in Curaçao!

Kudos to Fundashon Bon Intenshon!

Media credit: Farley Lourens.


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