Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2018

Sumusica Curaçao BV declared bankrupt

Giscard FelidaWILLEMSTAD - The organizer of the Curaçao Pontoon Festival, Sumusica Curaçao bv, has been declared bankrupt by the judge. From papers of the organization, there is a debt of 350,000 guilders.

This debt is mainly to people who bought tickets in pre-sale, suppliers, local and foreign musicians and sponsors. The bankruptcy trustee thinks that no one will get their money back.

From the books of the canceled Pontoon festival the following victims can be distilled:

1) Public through pre-sale tickets: 1748 tickets sold for a total amount: 138,550, -

2) Sponsors brought 92,000 guilders together 3 sponsors: CTB 75,000 guilders, Curaçao Airport Holding 10,000 guilders and Cinex 7,000 guilders.

Total income: 230,550, =.

3) Local artists *

They agreed to perform for a total amount of 24,850 guilders.

Jaido: 3.250,-;
Junior Tecla & Vibenation 5.600 guilders;
Randal Corsen Orchestra 2.500guilders;
Arnell & Orchestra 5,500 guilders;
Crosstown Traffic Band Curaçao 5,500 guilders;
TopX Eband 2.500.

Amount to pay: 21.600 guilders

* This concerns expenses allowance or taxes. Not necessarily the amount that has been contracted.

4) International artists *

The international artists agreed to receive 179.440 guilders.

RockPack 82.125 guilders (deposit 36.500 guilders);
Morgan Heritage 36,500 guilders (paid in full);
HEF 6.388 guilders (nothing paid in advance);
Rich Kalash 13,200 guilders (deposit 11,600 guilders);
Jeon 13,688 guilders (nothing paid in advance);
Grupo Extra 13,688 guilders (Fully paid);
Rony Flex 20,240 guilders (nothing paid)

Still to pay: 74.765, =

* This concerns expenses allowance or taxes. Not necessarily the amount that has been contracted.

In total the debts amount to 328.745 guilders. If CTB reclaims its 75,000 guilders, the debt is 403.705 guilders.

Giscard Felida, director of Sumusica BV is in the Netherlands and does not want to answer any questions.

Reporting by Dick Drayer

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