Published On: Wed, Oct 18th, 2017

Why baseball players spit too much

spittingIt is time for baseball, America’s native game, the second great impact on Americans lives after religion, the billions of dollars industry and field of thousands of opportunities, observed and followed worldwide, sacred for game worshippers and fanatics, extreme devotion for a favorite team and massive noisy excitements.

Terms like “pitch out”, “strike zone”, “hit & run” and many more are unique and exclusive, same as other funny expressions like “million-dollar arm, five cent head” that refers to a baseball player blessed with an unnatural talent but he cannot mentally transform it into a long career.

Now all this sounds amusing and attractive in a way until you see the camera zooming in on a player or most of the players doing the “spitting” thing , whether it’s  Yankees or  Cubs or  dodgers , it doesn’t matter , they all do it and you ask yourself what the heck is this , I mean if you are a man reading this I will understand if it doesn’t look a bit awkward but what if it’s a woman watching with a big bag of gummies or popcorn or you name it , or a child and you see all this spitting taking place.

What is this traditional cultural old fashion American thing, why do they spit too much?

They say It all started with chewing tobacco to make more saliva on a hot field day and this saliva has to go out since its unhealthy to swallow it, but eventually players must set an example to young people, and tobacco is bad for health so they switched to chewing gums and sunflower seeds, which makes me wonder why they are allowed to eat and chew while playing when it is forbidden in other sports such as basketball or football or even golf.

We see all kind of spitting images from tiny to bigger ones, with or without sunflower seeds, what are you supposed to do with the shells, no one swallows the whole seed , that thing’s got to go somewhere to the grass, maybe its all part of all the dirt, some suggest baseball is psychological game more than it is physical and spitting simply becomes a message between the pitcher and the hitter, whatever the reason is , the spitting is passed down from one generation of players to the next, like how football players pat each other on the rear, nobody knows why they do it, they just do, it is a tradition, a ritual, that’s all , so  enjoy the game even with the spitting!

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