Published On: Fri, Dec 14th, 2012

80/20 will still be introduced

WILLEMSTAD – The parties forming a transitional government. followed by a full political cabinet after six months, will still continue with the 80/20 law. This is stated in the government agreement signed this week. This controversial law, an initiative from Pueblo Soberano (PS) was initiated during the previous government headed by former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte. There are big supporters, but also fierce opponents. The purpose of that law is that each employer’s workforce must consist of 80% local labor and only 20% foreigners. In the government agreement it states: “The law local employment, 80/-20, will be necessary to ensure that locals can participate in the workforce.”

The agreement between PS, PAIS, PNP and the independent member of parliament Glenn Sulvaran does not say more about this law. Perhaps that will follow later. Also, certain existing employment laws of the so-called “unemployment agencies” are observed, according to the  government agreement signed by party leaders Helmin Wiels (PS), Alex Rosaria (PAIS), Humphrey Davelaar (PNP) and Sulvaran. “In this context, there is also special attention to the effects of foreign interns participation on our local labor market.”

This policy outlined in the agreement is not further elaborated but that should be done later in a government policy program. But the controversial 80/20-law is now part of the agreement thus it will be implemented by the cooperating parties.

Under the previous government Schotte (MFK/PS/-MAN), this initiative was presented as an ordinance by the Soberano fraction in parliament and adopted by the majority in Parliament, but it turned out that especially the MFK leader Gerrit Schotte had major problems with it for that reason it never came into force. There was also strong critique from the advisory bodies, including the Advisory Council. Now it seems that it will still come. In businesses there generally much resistance to the 80/20-law.

Possible the starting point is good – more locals will get jobs -  but not all industries succeeds in finding local, motivated and qualified workers. Such is the criticism and anxiety.

Source: Antilliaans Dagblad

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