Published On: Fri, Dec 21st, 2012

900 million guilders in Medicare in 2011

WILLEMSTAD – In 2011 Curacao has spent 900 million guilders (515 million dollars) to cover medical expenses, which is an extremely high cost. If Curacao was placed between the 64 countries which have a similar Medicare system, it can be concluded that the island nation is number 2 in medical costs. If this is compared per person than it is not the highest but average. This is according to the expert Mr. Ronald Westerhoff during a press conference at the Council of Minister.

During this press conference, Minister of Health and Environment Mr. Stanley Bodok explained that some time ago two researches were conducted in the area of public health which is very important for the policy of health care. The Government’s wish is to achieve a mechanism which can control and keep down the costs in the area of public health. The Government has now in its possession the result of both researches. One of the researches is the costs of Medicare from 2008 till 2011. The second research is the evaluation of the health structure, in this case, the first line care (General Practitioners etc.).

According to Minister Bodok, General Practitioners are very important because they are the first ones who confront the problems of those seeking medical help. “This investigation gives us an indication on the situation of Curacao. Which are our strengths and our weaknesses,” according to the Minister.

Mr. Westerhoff explained that the results of these researches are saying a lot. If these are analyzed, in 2011 Curacao had spent 900 million guilders in Medicare. If this is compared with the Gross National Income, this is 16.6%.

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