Published On: Mon, Jun 16th, 2014

Balborda: “Fuss about infrastructure project is not necessary”

BalbordaWILLEMSTAD - Earl Balborda Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning (VVRP) stated that the controversy surrounding the implementation of the catching up efforts’ project to improve Curacao’s road is really not necessary.

“It's just so that the proposed way offers more transparency. It is designed to avoid even the appearance of corruption, because more companies can join the process. Rightly so, because the more competition we have, the lower the price will be,” the Minister said.

Balborda reacts to statements made by the leader of Pueblo Soberano, Melvin "Mac" Cijntje, who fiercely opposed the proposal for the implementation of the project ‘catching up’ from the Minister.

“Previously, in 2013, it went like this: There was the Contractor Combi (CWM and MNO), which performed all projects through a negotiated contract. Then the Department of Public Works and the Combi would bargain with each other over the contract price for each project. Both Finance Department and the Council of Ministers approved this process.”

Balborda indicates that another company has registered to participate this year, namely the Aliansa Civil & Road Works. “Now we have to deal with two contractors, Combi and Aliansa, and they execute all projects through a negotiated contract. The projects will be raffled proportionally (in the presence of a notary) under the two contractors.

Now follows the process of negotiating on the contract price for each project with the Department of Public Works. The Department of Finance and Council of Ministers has yet to agree with this proposal. “They are making a fuss about the raffle,” the Minister said.

"The raffle ensures that no one can determine who gets which project. Everyone has a fair chance and no one can say that the minister or someone else has influenced anything.”

Balborda does not see what the fuss is about.

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