Published On: Fri, Jun 27th, 2014

Gas price down, electricity up

CuroilWILLEMSTAD – The government of Curacao has announced the new prices for gasoline, diesel, water and electricity for the month of July. The consumer price of water, gasoline and diesel will go down, but electricity will become a little more expensive.

According to the reports, gasoline, which is now 2.437 guilders per liter, will become 2.403 guilders per liter on July 1. This means a decrease of 3 cents.

Diesel, which is now 1.982 guilders per liter, will become 1.880 guilders per liter. This is a decrease of 10 cents per liter.

Propane gas, 100 lbs and 20 lbs are respectively 66.50 guilders and 14.80 guilders each.

Furthermore, the government informs that starting July 1, the price of electricity will go from 0.7049 cents per kWh to 0.7093 cents per kWh.  The price of water will go down from 8.1248 guilders per cubic meter to 7.8184 guilders per cubic meter.

According to the government’s report, the change in prices is the result of a variation of production mixes, the price of crude oil and the correction factor.

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