Published On: Thu, Feb 5th, 2015

Imam Adnan: “This is not Islam, Prophet of Islam made it clear…no human being should torture by fire.”

MosqueCuraçao Chronicle recently visited with the Imam of the Curaçao Muslim community, Imam Adnan. The Imam knew that our conversation would be based on the recent terrors committed by the terrorist group ISIL, the latest being the burning of the Jordanian pilot Mu'ath al-Kaseasbeh.

Before we even had the chance to sit down Imam Adnan said: “Let me talk about this terrorist group. About ISIS. We strongly condemn this criminal act from ISIS. They are killing Muslims, they are killing everybody. They want power, they want politics, but in a disgusting way.”

According to the Imam, the video of the Jordanian pilot being burnt alive, is not new. ISIS had killed the pilot more than a month ago and still used him to trade the release of the suicide bomber, who was held in Jordan. “What this terrorist group is doing is showing their power. They don’t care about human life.”

“Now we see a reaction, but they should have acted before to prevent this movement. They should have supported some moderate and tolerant government in the Middle East. One example is Turkey. We have a very nice and moderate government there. All these countries that are attacking now could have helped Turkey. Even now, they still don’t want to cooperate with Turkey.”

ISIS is covering their crimes by using religion. Many Muslims we have spoken with told us that this is not their religion. ISIS is using religion to get money from the people. They cheat them. This is what is happening in Iraq and in Syria.

We asked the Imam if the Koran mentions the use of fire as a mean to torture or punish people. To this question, the Imam answered; “This is not Islam, Prophet of Islam made it clear… no human being should tortured by fire. Imagine that the Prophet even said that you can’t burn animals. One day the Prophet saw his friends burning ants. The Prophet said to them that it is forbidden to burn these insects. If you burn these insects, in the Day of Judgment, you will be burnt. This is unacceptable in Islam. We condemn this act completely. They are very far from being true Muslims. Real Muslims cannot do this.”

The question now is who is getting the benefits from these terrorist acts, because Islam is being distorted by them. These groups are giving a bad image to the religion. The Imam said that they tell people to follow the real Islam. The Islam that tolerates. “I tell all non-Muslims not to believe in what these terror groups are saying and not to compare these foolish and terrible acts with the real Islam.”

Part 2 of this interview will be published next week.

By Aldrich Hermelijn

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