Published On: Mon, Jan 21st, 2013

Motion liability accepted with 14 votes

WILLEMSTAD – The Advisory Council (RvA) will advise the Parliament about the possibilities to hold Ministers and Members of Parliament personally accountable for poor policy, waste of public funds and violation of the law.

This motion was accepted in Parliament with 14 votes for and 4 against. The motion was proposed by the members of PAIS. The coalition parties PS (5), PAIS (4), PNP (1) and Independent Member of Parliament Glenn Sulvaran (1) voted for this motion as well as opposition parties MAN (2) and PAR (1), but all members of the opposition party MFK of former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte voted against it.

In its advice, the RvA must pay specific attention to three different parts of the legislation, namely in the Civil Code (BW), the Code for Criminal Procedure and the principle of good governance. Also, the Council was asked to indicate in its advice what measures - through legislation or otherwise - the parliament or the government may take to personally hold  any director of Public Companies accountable for bad policy, wasting public funds and transgression of the law.

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