Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2015

New future for the Avila Beach Hotel

Avila HotelWILLEMSTAD – Today the staff and associates of the Avila Hotel will be further informed that the shares of the hotel company were sold to a new owner, the Vogel family. This is to guarantee the continuity of the longest in operation Curaçao hotel (almost 67 years) and therefore the jobs. In this way the invested capital remains on the island as a solid foundation for further development.

The initial contact about a possible transfer of the hotel to new owners started since before the death of the previous owner Nic Møller. In recent months, this process has gained momentum. When the Maduro & Curiel's Bank approved the detailed acquisition plans, nothing was standing in the way of the signing of the agreement. On behalf of the shareholders Tone Møller and Paul Cook placed their signature on the documents. These two found this a good time to start looking for a new challenge after a long career in this industry. General Manager Paul Kok will continue to work for another six months for the smoothest possible transition, “It's important to us that both the staff and guests notice as little as possible of this transition. In addition, the continuity of service is essential,” said Mr. Kok. Commercial Manager Tone Møller continues to maintain contact with Avila, the life work of her father. So she will focus on the continuation of the cultural activities in Avila with art and classical music that was founded and supported by Nic Møller and his wife Birte Jensen. She will also give content to the Foundation's Octagon Museum for the preservation of this property as a heritage building.

On behalf of the family the new shareholder Vogels endorsed the agreement: "It is a tremendous honor to take over signingthe hotel and to develop it. Avila is an understanding. "He himself is already 12 years Managing Director of the Lions Dive & Beach Resort where his wife Katja Vogels works as the Director of Operations. Paul Kok will pass on the baton to Robbin, son of Will Vogels in mid-2016. Until then Robbin will take over the duties of Ms. Tone Møller as Commercial Director. Avila Hotel is running a healthy and dynamic company that has invested heavily in improvements of the beaches. They have also remodeled a few of the rooms. The hotel with its professional staff that is known for its good service and friendly appearance, also confronts the future under the new owners with fresh courage. The Vogel family will thus manage two hotels, each with its own character and clientele.

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