Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2013

Premier Hogde announced supplementary budget

WILLEMSTAD — Premier Daniel Hodge (PS) announced the first supplementary budget for the year 2013. It is the intention that this revised budget be forwarded to the Parliament in the first quarter of this year. The supplementary budget is necessary because the 2013-budget for the country Curaçao was not presented by the current government but by its predecessor, the interim-cabinet of former Premier Stanley Betrian. The budgetary discussion began in a meeting of the Central Committee of the Parliament. This budget was in first instance made by the Schotte-cabinet but was never presented to the Parliament. Its successor, the Betrian-cabinet, adjusted the budget and forwarded it to the Parliament but it’s the Hodge-transition cabinet that is to defend the budget in the Parliament and to bring such in practice. Premier Hodge gave a presentation at the beginning of the budgetary discussion, elaborating on the cabinet’s plans.

Hodge emphasized that the draft budget 2013 contains numerous points which the current cabinet can endorse but there are also many points in the budget that don’t correspond with the coalition agreement as agreed on 12-12-’12 by the parties PS, Pais, PNP and independent MP Glenn Sulvaran. The new cabinet will evaluate the budget in the coming months. Based on the evaluation, the budget will be adjusted in conformity with the vision outlined in the coalition agreement ‘Akuerdo pa un gobernashon enfoká riba pas, trankilidat i prosperidat’ (Agreement for a government, focused on peace, rest and prosperity). These changes will be included in the first supplementary budget 2013.

As the new cabinet was installed only recently (December 31st) Hodge was unable to give details this morning on the government’s plans. Nevertheless, he stated he was aware that Curaçao is going through a difficult period and there are huge expectations in the community as to which measures the new government will introduce. However, he emphasized these measures are necessary. “They will be painful measures but we’ll do our best in these measures not affecting the less-fortunate in the society. Once again, measures are necessary under the current circumstances. If these remain forthcoming it will lead to more pain.” Hodge appealed to everyone to join hands in helping the island forward.

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