Published On: Wed, Sep 7th, 2016

Press release: Flight schedule InselAir interrupted due to heavy weather

InselWILLEMSTAD - InselAir's flight schedule has been severely interrupted due to stormy weather around St. Maarten, Monday, September 5th. The closing of Princess Juliana Airport at the time of departure from Curacao forced InselAir to postpone the flight to a later time. Once the airport opened up after a few hours, the visibility around the runway at St. Maarten was still very low and the decision was taken to further postpone the flight to the next day. InselAir was also not able to operate its flights to Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo due to the above-mentioned reason, which impacted InselAir's operations significantly. On Tuesday, InselAir has transported the St. Maarten-bound passengers to their final destination. Today, InselAir will transport all passengers to their final destination with an adjusted flight schedule which includes the flights that could not be operated on Monday and Tuesday.

Consequences for crew and schedule
"Regrettably, the above-mentioned sequence of events did also affect other flights on that day and many of our passengers were unpleasantly affected by this", explains Edward Heerenveen, Chief General and International Affairs of InselAir. "Also, our crew are restricted by the law in terms of duty hours and must take rest if they exceed their maximum amount of duty hours. In such cases we need to call upon reserve crew members," explains Heerenveen.

Contacting passengers about their flight status
InselAir teams have been busy contacting passengers to inform them about the status of their flight. InselAir urgently advises its passengers always to provide their email address and phone number upon ticket purchase. Without detailed contact information, it is difficult to reach out to passengers. Flight status is also available real time on InselAir's website:

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