Published On: Thu, Jan 24th, 2013

Seeking the ‘win-win’ in each other

WILLEMSTAD – The Dutch Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk (PvdA), described his first acquaintance with one of the countries within the Kingdom as ‘a pleasant atmosphere and a good conversation’. “We are seeking to create a win-win situation between the countries within the Kingdom, and as regards Curaçao we see possibilities in education, the coastguard and of course the economic possibilities we offer each other. Perhaps the Curaçao investment interest will benefit from some Dutch thoroughness. What we actually want is more welfare for all citizens, also for the people of Curaçao.”

Premier Daniel Hodge (PS) endorsed the first cautious conclusion from his overseas colleague and emphasized the importance of good collaboration, not only with the Netherlands but with all players within this Kingdom. My government wants to strengthen the bonds also with St. Maarten and the BES-Islands.

Minister Plasterk was content with Curaçao and its ministers and the sapping race of the budgetary discussion last week. “I congratulate Curaçao with its decisive approach of the budget problems. This is never easy. Not even in the Netherlands.”

Just before the press conference began, ministers were seen leaving Forti through the front door of number 17 in a hurry. Upon inquiry it appeared that a deliberation with almost the entire Council of Ministers had just taken place with the exception of Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro, who is in the Netherlands on a official visit but who had spoken briefly with Minister Plasterk at Schiphol (Amsterdam airport)

However, no extensive decisions or agreements were made during this very brief visit, nor had the consensus Statute Laws come up for discussion. “I’m speed-dating on all islands. We are busy rebuilding the confidence in each other, to end the turbulence of the past years. Don’t worry I’ll visit you regularly.”

A visit to the districts Wishi and Marchena were on the program for the morning and of course Minister Plasterk, who had also been minister of Culture, attended the opening of the Tumba Festival on Monday.

Instruction is for economy

Lifting the instruction shouldn’t be a target in itself, according to Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ronald Plasterk. With that he answered the question from a member of the press. According to Plasterk, the instruction is only meant to realize a balanced budget in the interest of the Curaçao economy. “Relaxing or lifting the instruction is therefore not at issue. The government did what it had to do. This subject was only brought up indirectly.”

On the increasing problems at the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten (CBCS) both Premier Hodge and Minister Plasterk merely wished to state that ‘the rest must be restored at the CBCS’.

Neither Premier Hodge nor Minister Plasterk was informed on the board of directors of the CBCS having convened a meeting of the Board of Commissioners yesterday morning.

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