Published On: Mon, Jun 2nd, 2014

Sitek continues to oppose measures

Etienne-van-der-HorstWILLEMSTAD - Even after a discussion with the Minister of Administration, Planning and Services, Etienne van der Horst, the teachers union Sitek continues to oppose measures, which the Government intends to take to save money on the personnel costs.

According to the chairman of the union, Darius 'Lio' Plantin, Van der Horst remains committed to the austerity measures, but the union is convinced that there are plenty of alternatives on the table, while they want to start negotiating with the government about a new collective agreement for the teachers.

The consultations between Van der Horst and the Sitek delegation, left the Minister with homework to do, the Minister admitted. “Sitek believes that they should talk to me. But this still needs to be studied further. The union also refers to an agreement and a collective agreement which they have signed with the Island Territory back in the days of the Netherlands Antilles. I will also look into this,” Van der Horst said. It was agreed that Sitek would contact the office of the Minister to make an appointment for Friday.

The meeting last week was partly motivated by the opposition of the teachers’ union, against the measures the Government intends to take to keep its personnel costs under control. Earlier Sitek had indicated that they will not accept that the government will touch their salary increase, indexing or their vacation pay. "But the minister has indicated that the measures will come no matter what. We will continue our fight against the government. We want the government to sit down with us to discuss a new collective agreement. This is important for us because then we will know that they won’t touch our benefits,” the union leader said.


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