Published On: Wed, Nov 19th, 2014

Bird flu outbreak in the Netherlands

IMG_20141117_172551 (2)Avian Influenza (AI) also known as bird flu was detected on a poultry farm south of Amsterdam and was identified under the highly contagious type H5N8.

Authorities in the Netherlands have banned the transport of poultry products throughout the country for 3 days, 16 other farms within a 10 km protection zone are being checked for contamination, residents have been ordered to stay indoors.

Government stated that this type of AI can be transmitted to humans through direct contact with an infected bird alive or dead.

The symptoms can include high temperature, cough, headache, chills, aching muscles, running or blocked nose and sneezing.

Bird flu was confirmed last Thursday at a duck farm in Yorkshire in the UK although the type has not been yet identified.

Earlier this month, similar cases were found in a farm north eastern Germany type H5N8,and on Monday the Egyptian health ministry said a young woman had died of bird flu.

It’s said that bird flu outbreak might have been spread by migratory wild birds heading south for winter linking the UK, Netherlands and Germany,


The European commission will implement protective measures to contain such outbreak, through killing infected birds and banning poultry products sales from affected areas.

Bird flu epidemics in poultry can impact local and global economies and international trade if it’s not contained; it has already decimated Asia poultry earlier this year with cases reported in South Korea and china.

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