Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2013

“Doctor helped patient’s finger grow back after it was bitten off by horse”

Paul Halpern- Wound Care AssociatesMIAMI– It was just another ordinary day for horseback rider Paul Halpern, when after riding his prized horse he went to feed him at the stables. What happened next was completely out of the ordinary! Paul’s horse confused his finger with a carrot, biting off and swallowing one third of it. Paul started to desperately search online for help, any help! He refused to give up and live without his whole finger.

Fortunately, he found information about a procedure performed by Dr. Eugenio Rodriguez; a general surgeon specialized in regenerative medicine using new technologies in the field. Paul took a chance and flew all the way from Canada to Delray Beach in Florida to visit Dr. Rodriguez.

“I knew the treatment was going to work on Paul. My challenge was thatDr. Eugenio Rodriguez- Wound Care Association- 2013 since it was a new procedure, the patient’s insurance company did not want to pay for the treatment, they would only pay for the amputation of the finger. I respect my patients immensely and have a strong faith in God. The right thing to do was to save his finger by helping grow back the part that was bitten off by the horse.”- states Dr. Eugenio Rodriguez.

"The regenerative properties of the technology I use encourage the constructive remodeling of tissue with a unique healing response in both routine and very extraordinary clinical situations.”- affirms Dr. Rodriguez.

After a disciplined weekly treatment routine process, Paul’s finger slowly recovered its shape and, even his nail began to grow back.The whole case is documented with photographs and clinical studies performed after each session. “The product that I apply is a porcine-derived extracellular matrix that maintains and supports a healing environment through constructive remodeling.” says Rodriguez.

Dr. Rodriguez is committed to taking this technology to the next level, by training other physicians, educating patients and developing more research that could lead to avoiding future amputations and helping other more specific groups of patients such as diabetics and those affected by cancer, among others.


AFTER-Fingertip TraumaBefore- Fingertip TraumaTreatment- Fingertip Trauma


Eugenio Rodriguez, MD, P.A. is a board certified general surgeon specialized and trained in advanced wound care. He graduated from the medical school at the University of Puerto Rico, in Puerto Rico; he completed his residency at Puerto Rico Medical Center and his fellowship training was at Tampa General Hospital. Dr. Rodriguez has participated in clinical studies that contribute to the advancement of wound care technology, as well as the development of new techniques. Dr. Rodriguez performs research to improve regenerative medicine and has a strong interest in teaching the latest in wound care technology in the Unites States and abroad. Dr. Eugenio Rodriguez has a deep faith in God. He believes that the combination of faith and his every day commitment to his patients as a physician are the reason for his success. He participates in many programs educating surgeons and other specialists in the wound care field. Dr. Rodriguez currently practices at Delray Medical Center in Florida, and he is Medical Director of Wound Care Associates, LLC (WCA, for short), a wound care group of specialists. Dr. Rodriguez also recently founded the East Atlantic Surgical Group, a multispecialty group of surgeons dedicated to providing Advanced Technology in Wound Care, and also partnered with the Deerfield Beach Surgical Center.


For more information about Dr. Eugenio Rodriguez, please visit: or call 561-330-4695.

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