Published On: Fri, Sep 6th, 2013

Fighting cancer with food

foodThough cancer may strike even the healthiest of persons, there are ways men, women and even children can reduce their risk. One such way is to consume certain foods that researchers feel can reduce cancer risk. Though precisely how these foods fight cancer remains a mystery, cancer researchers feel they can effectively lower an individual's cancer risk when combined to form a healthy diet.

Beans: Beans boast numerous healthy attributes, and their potential to reduce cancer risk is one such attribute. Beans contain many phytochemicals that researchers feel protect the cells from the type of damage that can ultimately make a person susceptible to cancer

Colourful fruits and vegetables: It may seem odd that a food's color can have an impact on cancer risk, but colorful fruits and vegetables contain more cancer-fighting nutrients than fruits and vegetables that aren't as flashy.Consuming such fruits and vegetables also helps men and women maintain a healthy body weight, an important benefit when considering overweight and obesity increases a person's risk for multiple cancers.

Grapes: Studies have shown that resveratrol, a key ingredient in grapes, may prevent the type of damage that triggers the production of cancerous cells.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are widely beloved, and perhaps that love affair stems from the tomato's role in fighting cancer. Though the reasons are unknown, tomatoes have been linked to lowering men's risk for prostate cancer.

Water: Water may not qualify as a food, but it may protect people from bladder cancer. Potential cancer-causing agents in the bladder are diluted when drinking water. In addition, the more water you drink the more frequently you're likely to urinate, which means cancer-causing agents have less time to come into contact with the lining of your bladder.

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