Published On: Mon, Apr 28th, 2014

Health benefits of Cumin

cummin-suduruCumin is indeed an unconventional choice when someone is talking about healthy spices, but lately the herb has taken the world by storm. More and more medical experts are coming forward and sharing the fact that cumin acts as an excellent healthy resource. Apart from the tinge of taste that cumin accomplishes in providing to any Indian, Mexican or better still, any Middle East recipes, Cuminum Cyminum, as it is scientifically known, Cumin has a string of health benefits attached. Let us discuss some of them here one by one:

1. Provides iron-Cumin is a storehouse of iron and as we all know, how important iron is for the daily functioning of the human body, it is implied how the herb plays a major role in the development and functioning of the human body. Iron not only plays a key role in providing vital enzymes, but also gives energy, keeps the immunity system in working condition and helps in the growth of muscles. It is also an important element for women during menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

2. Eases digestion: As mentioned earlier, cumin builds a strong immunity system. Additionally it ensures a sound flow of pancreatic secretion and assimilates the various nutrients and compounds that are pivot for digestion.

3. Helpful for the treatment of cancer-Cumin has also made a name for itself as a treatment for cancer. Research has shown that cumin contains properties that are anti-carcinogenic in nature. During an experiment conducted on a few animals, it was found that the herb was able to prevent liver tumors among laboratory animals. This provided a new light to the health benefits of cumin.

4. Other Benefits - Cumin is not allergenic in nature and can be consumed directly or by mixing it with other food. Instead of going for cumin powder, one can select cumin seeds since seeds retain most of the natural flavor and texture as compared to powder. It remains fresh for half a year until an year and hence one can store it in a glass or a plastic container. The best part about it is that, Cumin is available almost everywhere. So forget about travelling all the way to some other city to buy some. You can very well get it in the departmental store near you. Being so inexpensive and yet so helpful, Cumin can go a long way in boosting your health.

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