Published On: Tue, Jun 26th, 2018

Health Inspector supports the legalization of medical cannabis

CBDWILLEMSTAD - Hundreds of patients in Curaçao use CBD oil, a legal cannabis extract. This cannabidiol is available through the pharmacy. Cannabis expert Jeany Jansen argues for the legalization of pure cannabis, because this would be more effective in chronic diseases. The Public Health Inspectorate is in favor of legalization.

According to health inspector Jan Huurman, medical cannabis must be legalized in the same way as it has happened in the Netherlands.

Opium law

"That means: under strict conditions," says Huurman. "Cannabis has continued to fall under the Opium Act in the Netherlands, and that should also apply to Curaçao."

In the Netherlands, a pharmacist has received permission to prepare oil with THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the substance that makes you high. "You can easily make regulations for this, then it comes on the list of approved medication and can be prescribed under strict conditions by a doctor," says the Inspector General. "So only make it available on prescription."

Jeany Jansen has cancer and says that since the use of cannabis, the tumor in her breast has become smaller. "It has been stable for three years."

Cannabidiol from Spain

She shares her knowledge of cannabis with more than four hundred patients in Curaçao who come to buy oil with 5 percent cannabidiol (CBD). "I import this oil from Spain. There it is tested in a laboratory. That way I'm sure it does not contain any other additions. "

You cannot get high from CBD oil. "But you have to know how often and how much you use it," says Jansen. "I warn my clients that they should not use it in combination with chemotherapy."

Jansen thinks that all users of medical cannabis should be able to receive guidance. "Especially if the THC oil is legalized. I think there should be a platform for cannabis in Curaçao, and that everyone with knowledge of the plant and the use of the oil should be involved in legalization. If we all work together and share our knowledge, research can be done and many more people can be helped. There are several types of cannabis, seventeen in total. Each species has different properties."

Sharing knowledge

Jansen advocates collaboration with doctors. "To share my knowledge of thirty years. Because which doctor in Curaçao now knows about cannabis?"

Reporting by Dutch Caribbean Network
Photo credit: Roelie van Beek

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