Published On: Thu, Sep 6th, 2012

Home remedies for sinus…

Sinus problem or Sinusitis is a frustrating health issue that might sometimes, lead to low self-confidence, frustration, low performance at work or studies, and the list is never-ending. Several medications that promise instant relief from sinus, are available in the market but do they really help in relieving you from the problem? No, they just can't.

Its a common sight, seeing someone suffering from sinus infection for quite long and trying all sorts of medication to get rid of the inflammation. Such victims also use nasal spray but such objects bring short term relief only. And unfortunately, one has to bear the brunt of trusting the so-called 'sinus treatments'. Finally, its just the natural home remedies that bring genuine relief in such ill-health conditions.

Sinus can be very annoying at times, so do not let it take the better of you. Here are some of the natural ways that might help you:

Fenugreek seeds: one of the most effective ways to deal with sinusitis is to drink tea made with fenugreek seeds. It shortens the period of fever and helps your body to perspire. Boil 2 tablespoon of the seeds. Drink it 3-4 times daily and as the condition improves the quantity should be reduced accordingly.

Cumin seeds: another measure is to inhale the steam of cumin seeds tied in a piece of cloth and put it in boiling water. Or an alternative is to take grounded cumin seeds with honey which also helps in relieving the sinus.

Vitamin A rich sources: mango, papaya, egg yoke, pumpkin, leafy vegetables that are rich in vitamin A helps in the treatment and prevention of sinusitis. Vitamin C also proves helpful in the treatment to some extent.

Intake of onion and garlic: increase your intake of onion and garlic. This helps in the movement of the mucus making it less sticky. Black pepper also helps in treating respiratory infections. Vegetable Juice: to a large extent vegetable juice such as carrot juice, beet and spinach juice etc. are beneficial in the treatment.

Apart from these, there are other methods and measures to treat and prevent sinusitis:

  1. Add few drop of eucalyptus in boiling water and inhale the steam, this provides you relief. Also you can add it to warm water and bathe with it.
  2. Apply clothes dipped in warm water on your eyes and cheekbones to get relief from the pain.
  3. While blowing your nose, prevent building up of pressure in your ears by blowing only one nostril at a time.
  4. Whenever you feel stuffiness, sniffle your nose, this will help in the movement of the mucus and drain the secretions.
  5. Avoid starchy and oily-fried foods; also avoid using perfumes and strong scented hair oils.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids, stay in shape by eating right and take adequate rest.
  7. Maintain a healthy immune system, wash your hands very often and do not share utensils if any of your near and dear ones have a cold or flu.
  8. See to it that you avoid allergy for this is one major cause that easily triggers sinusitis.

A well balanced diet is a must once you start recovering from it but when you are suffering from severe acute attacks then it is best to avoid any solid foods, substitute it with liquids like vegetable juice or fruit juice.

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