Published On: Wed, Nov 13th, 2013

How to make your child healthy and happy

ChildrenAs a parent, your main concern is always the well-being of your child. That is why you feel terrible when the kid is sick or feeling unhappy. What can you do to keep the smile on his/her face? There are a lot of things that can help you in this endeavor, but we have picked just a number of them to present to you. Thus, you will make sure you have helped your child to grow up as a physically and mentally healthy individual.

An appropriate health care

Actually, health care for the child begins even before it is born – during pregnancy. Such a component is vital for having a happy kid, since this is the way to prevent many serious health problems, which are a result of more simple medical conditions. What does the adequate child health care include?

Health history

Examinations by a doctor

Occasional health tests for identifying potentially harmful conditions

Treatments for prevention

Knowledge about health issues

Keep your child informed and regularly examined in order to avoid any diseases or to treat them as early as possible. Detecting some condition in early stage helps for being cured by them much more quickly.

Using body oils

Essential oils may sound a little crazy as a method for having a happy child to you, but it is surprisingly effective. They can be multi functional. Body oils are great for:



Wounds (antiseptics for wounds)

If you have decided to massage your kid with essential oils, there are various mixtures for each different purpose. For instance, 3 drops of Rose and 1 drop of Neroli can make your kid happier. Other combinations can provide him/her with peaceful sleep, relaxation or even emotional nurturing. The best thing about including body oils in your child’s routine is that they are perfectly natural.

Bed rails for additional safety

By using bed rails for kids you wouldn’t have to worry any more whether your child is going to fall out of his/her bed during sleep. They can be temporarily or permanently placed on the child’s bed. The shapes, forms and materials of the bed rails for kids come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. Your choice should be based on the behavior and age of your child. Also, you need to buy a product, which is suitable for the exact bed your kid is sleeping in. Make a little research on the topic or ask the consultant at some shop offering bed rails! Such a purchase is another suggestion for raising a happy child, that shows your care and concern.

Written by Mike Gerard for Curacao Chronicle

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