Published On: Mon, Jan 19th, 2015


images-1People nowadays are fatter and sicker with a high obesity rates, and everybody is arguing about the cause of it whether it’s sugar, carbs or fat.

Most adults should eat between 1,600 and 2,400 calories a day, but if they live in a culture filled with opportunities to eat junk fattyfood then as it’s said there is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably  desired.

Sugar sweetened beverages, high calorie snacking, value meals at fast food places and increased advertisement encouraging unhealthy food consumption and more are all factors contributing to overweight.

most of us lead an inactive lifestyle, with long working hours and little time to exercise, with dependence on automobile instead of walking, in an environment that encourages obesity where there are no parks nor sidewalks, no affordable gyms, oversized food portions at restaurants and fast food places even in movie theaters,  with total lack of healthy food and not to forget that our children adopt our habits , and at the end we ask ourselves why we’ve put on so much weight!

As we grow older we lose muscles so if we are inactive physically this will slow down the rate at which one body burns calories, and we gain weight if we don’t reduce the calorie intake.

What is the alternative? it is obvious that eating healthy lower the risks of some serious health problems such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and much more, and we shouldn’t always blame it on the genes but rather rise against temptations that is put all around us, instead of grabbing a muffin for breakfast saturated with carbohydrates, we can go for yogurt and eggs, or any other type of healthy food full of protein, studies shows that protein keeps us feeling full .

To fight obesity there are many steps to undertake and a strong will to exercise through adopting a healthy eating plan and an active lifestyle, losing weight has to be seen as a journey rather than a final destination

And for those hopeless cases such as morbid obesity when extreme overweight interferes with physical functions such as breathing and walking, the food and drug administration in the US approved a new device that curbs appetite to reduce obesity, it’s the Maestro rechargeable system that can be implanted in the body and electronically stimulates the stomach nerves so the person feels full.

Government, schools, businesses, neighborhood and communities, individuals and families all have to combine efforts towards a healthy choice of living.

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