Published On: Wed, Mar 20th, 2013

Problems of sexual dysfunction treated with holistic medicine

Director of Functional Medicine Shantih Coro CMTA, FDM, Dr. Edward Gheiler, Dr. Fernando Bianco, and Holistic Specialists Clinic director, Acupuncturist and Herbologist Diego F. Rutenberg L.Ac, Dipl. O.MMDMiami– Sexual Dysfunction can be treated with alternative therapies by combining cutting edge functional diagnostic medicine with natural therapies and medical nutrition. The inclusion of these holistic therapies is necessary when providing treatment options because, in many cases, results have been very satisfactory. The utilization of the latest in functional diagnostic medicine with advanced laboratory testings and additionally providing natural therapies through medical nutrition and supplementation, Chinese medicine therapies, exercise prescription and mind-body disciplines are very useful and often very effective when dealing with this type of conditions. These types of alternative therapies are ideal for patients who want to overcome their health condition with minimal surgery or drugs.

“Sexual Dysfunction conditions that are treated with holistic medicine therapy, come as a result of keeping a healthy lifestyle in order to achieve an overall wellness and reduce or eliminate the core causes, which may well be conditions like gastrointestinal or hormonal dysfunctions, excess body toxicity, diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, high cholesterol, smoking or alcoholism, among others.”– Affirms Diego Rutenberg A.P. Urology Specialists alternative medicine department director. Natural supplements can also accompany traditional treatments for erection problems. Examples are ginkgo biloba, ginseng and curculigo, which have been utilized by many cultures to treat sexual dysfunction and impotence. So, before you think about succumbing to the latest medical technology for the treatment of various urological conditions, which can range from laser therapy, da Vinci robotic surgery, diagnosis and therapy of feedback, laparoscopic surgery, implants, ultrasound, X-rays and MRIs, consider a more natural and less toxic approach by trying the most advanced XXI century functional medicine diagnostics and the most natural treatment in medical nutrition and supplementations, Chinese Medicine that utilizes acupuncture and botanical supplementation, exercise and mind-body therapies prescription. Considering a more natural treatment, you can NOW look into a simpler and less toxic alternative to live a full and happy sexual life and keep your body and your mind in harmony.


The founders of “Urology Specialists” are Dr. Edward Gheiler and Dr. Fernando Bianco, who are proud to partner with the “Holistic Specialists” team, doctor of Chinese medicine and the Holistic Specialists Clinic Director Diego Rutenberg A.P., in conjunction with Shantih Coro, Director of Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition. For more information on Urology Specialist please call 305-822-7227 or visit

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