Published On: Mon, Feb 9th, 2015

Warning signs of iron deficiency

Warning-Signs-of-Iron-Deficiency-1Iron deficiency is quite common, especially for women who are physically active. Here are ten signs which show that you suffer from iron deficiency.


Iron is used to make hemoglobin which carries oxygen. When there is iron deficiency you feel physical and mental fatigue.

Lower Functionality

Difficulty on focusing and lower functionality is common in people with an iron deficiency.


The feeling of not being interested in friends, family, work or anything else may be a sign of low levels of iron.


Lack of breath may appear even when you are not doing anything which requires physical activity. The cause of this is the lack of oxygen in the body due to low iron levels.

Pale skin

Decreased number of red blood cells and reduced blood flow may lead to pale skin.

Not being able to do your regular workout

Iron deficiency can affect your endurance.

Sore muscles

The lack of iron leaves your muscles unable to recover properly after a workout.

Hard, but easily broken nails

Brittle nails or a spoon-shaped depression in the nails is a possible sign of iron deficiency.

Frequent colds

If you get sick often, iron deficiency may be the cause of it, especially if you are not suffering from chronic respiratory illnesses.

Reddish urine

Low iron levels may cause increased intestinal absorption of certain pigments, which makes your urine reddish or pinkish.

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