Published On: Thu, Sep 15th, 2016

CAP: “Going to court was a precautionary measure taken to guarantee normal operation for traveler and tourist”

Court houseWILLEMSTAD - Curaçao Airport Partners is very satisfied and relieved with ABVO indicating in court that it had no intention of convoking CAP employees to participate in the general strike. CAP was pro-active in initiating the court case Thursday morning in order to prevent a negative impact on the tourism sector and the image of Curaçao.

Last Tuesday Curaçao was informed that a general strike would take place on Thursday. Due to strong indications Curaçao Airport Partners was under the impression that CAP employees had also been requested to participate in this. CAP took into account the consequences and impact this could have, such as; uncertainty and inconvenience for the traveller, high costs for airline companies due to flight diversions, a change in the tourists’ perception of Curaçao, etcetera; which all combined can result in a blow for the image of Curaçao as a tourism destination. CAP, with its tourism and aviation partners, is working real hard to attract more airlines to Curaçao through various initiatives. Taking into account the consequences a strike could have on Curaçao’s position as a tourism destination, CAP felt obliged to go through with a court case as a precautionary measure to guarantee the normal operation at the airport.

CAP is pleased that ABVO, during the treatment of the case, indicated there was no intention of requesting CAP employees to participate in the strike. The judge ruled that, taking into account the declarations by ABVO, neither CAP nor ABVO won the case.  Consequently each party needs to pay their own costs.

Operations at the airport
The operation at Curaçao International Airport has not been hampered by the general strike in Curaçao. Passengers and tourists are not experiencing strike-related inconvenience at the airport.

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