Published On: Tue, Aug 11th, 2015

“If you can’t explain how you got it, we will take it away from you!”

Public ProsecutionWILLEMSTAD – Soon the Public Prosecution (OM) will start with a project to take away money, luxurious cars, houses, and yachts from criminals. OM knows that there are those walking around with the idea that maybe they will lose their property. Chief Prosecutors, Heiko de Jong indicated that this will not be the case.

A car that was bought after hard labor by a construction worker or someone that makes money on the black market (like illegal lottery) will not be taken. This is not the target group.

The OM will go after those driving around in luxury cars, yachts or have big houses, but can’t prove where they got it from. Those who are in the criminal circuit.

If this person cannot prove, in a convincing way, their source of income, OM will then proceed to take away their luxury property. This property will be sold at an auction and the proceeds will go to the crime fund, which was set up to fight crime.

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