Published On: Mon, Apr 11th, 2016

Liquidation Case Hato: “The truth will never be revealed”

Vaders_WeskiWILLEMSTAD – The truth about the double liquidation in July 2014 at Aeropuerto Hato, the Curaçao airport, will never be revealed. This is according to lawyer Inez Weski. Two accomplices made statements against the two main suspects, but they would have had contact before they told what had happened.

Thus, they were able to align their statement together. This is according to Weski during an interview with the Caribbean Network. Weski represents Judrin Martis, who carried out the liquidation together with Adrian Martha. The lawyer believes that the Public Prosecution (OM) must be declared inadmissible.

The shooting took place on July 15, 2014, when a flight from Europe arrived at the airport. On that flight there where two who were also members of the criminal group Buena Vista City, which were later shot dead by two men. Because it was very busy at the airport, seven people were also seriously injured.

The perpetrators were members of the rival gang No Limit Soldiers. Martis and Martha, the two alleged gunmen, were sentenced to life imprisonment by the court of first instance. One of the accomplices was sentenced to twenty years, the other two were given reduced sentences of fourteen years and twelve years because they helped the police after their arrest to solve the case.

The case is now on appeal. According to Weski there is evidence, among other things from bugged conversations that the two co-perpetrators have made statements that were adapted to each other. “The prosecution is blind to the weakness of the evidence,” said Weski. Thus, there are statements made that are contradicted by other evidence such as camera images.

The court will rule on April 28.

Photo credit: Anneke Polak

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