Published On: Thu, Dec 6th, 2012

Mambo loses case against landlord

WILLEMSTAD – Mambo Beach lost the lawsuit against landlord Cordelco (Curaçao Beach Resort). Mambo will have one month to pay rent arrears which is over three tons. If not, then Mambo must vacate within a week. This was confirmed by Cordelco spokeswoman Brigitte Hoogerwerf.

Mambo Beach must also pay for the court costs. "We have had a daily dispute with Mambo Beach, which unfortunately ended up in court," says Hoogerwerf to the Dutch news site Versgeperst. "We sincerely hope that Mambo will make their payments within a month so the beach club can continue. According to Hoogerwerf Cordelco they ensure that a beach club will remain on the beach and hopes that this is Mambo.


The owner of the beach club Henny van der Hek declared to on Tuesday that there is no bankruptcy or something along those lines. "There are problems in Curaçao Beach Resort," said Van der Hek. "Mambo runs completely on schedule since the renovation, but the building of the Resort is very slow. Anyone can see that. We rent the land from them, but to date there is nothing for us to worry about. "

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