Published On: Fri, Dec 7th, 2012

Oil spill investigation will continue

WILLEMSTAD – The Public Prosecutor of Curacao (OM) launched a criminal investigation into the cause of the oil spill since the 'Oil spill' of August 18 at Jan Kok. The results of the sample analysis has been in and give, according to the public, response to further questions.

In the interest of the investigation no further statements are made. The prosecution is limited only by saying that the result gives a reason to ask questions and for further interrogation.

This was also communicated to the Clean Environment Foundation in Curaçao (Smoc) who filed a complaint as a result of the oil spill on August 3. Following a report of an  'Oil spill' it is standard in Curaçao to have an investigation by the Port Security Inspectorate. This investigation takes place on the grounds of violation of the Port Regulations or in case of discharging ships, under the Ordinance Oil pollution by seagoing vessels.

Additionally, since November 15, 2011 (New Penal Code Curacao) it is possible for the investigation to be based on a breach of Articles 2:121 or 2:122 Criminal Code (surface contamination). These studies generally result in an offer (cash) transactions, where the discharging party has to pay a fine.

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