Published On: Fri, Apr 13th, 2018

OM: Boys guilty of animal abuse learn how to deal with animals

WILLEMSTAD - The Public Prosecution Curaçao (OM) earlier this year already indicated that deliberately inflicting pain on animals or deliberately killing animals is punishable and that they will act against it.

For a few days now, an image recording of a cat being kicked has been on social media. The two perpetrators of this have come to light during the investigation initiated by the OM. They have been summoned by the OM and heard by the police. The case has been settled with an appropriate order.

This concerns two school-aged underage youngsters who have failed to reflect on what they have done. The investigation established that the person who had filmed the abuse with his telephone was not criminally liable to the offense for which the prosecution against him will not be continued. For the person who has kicked the cat, there will be consequences.


The cat has been found by the police. Both boys have also recognized this cat. The cat was taken to the veterinary for a medical check. The check shows that the cat is on the thin side, but has not suffered any physical damage from the kick. It also turned out that the cat is the mother of 4 kittens. They received the necessary attention from the police. In view of the fact that the cat has not suffered permanent physical damage, considering the age of the minors, the Public Prosecution has come to a learning trajectory for the minor. Here the minor will learn how to treat animals during a period under supervision.

The boy who filmed the incident on his phone has decided to voluntarily follow the same learning trajectory. He also promised to make a donation to a local animal organization. Both boys have expressed their regret in the presence of the Public Prosecutor.

Furthermore, the Public Prosecution Service also wants to point out that threatening people through social media is punishable by law.

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