Published On: Fri, Jan 18th, 2013

OM collects more than 8 hundred thousand guilders in fines in 2012

WILLEMSTAD – The Curacao Public Prosecutor (OM) collected over eight tons of (traffic) fines last year. This is according to the Minister of Justice Nelson Navarro (Pais) in his answer to the questions of PAR in Parliament during the 2013 budget meeting. The 841,352 is an increase compared to 2011. In that year 527,363 were collected in fines. This money goes to the  Crime Fund. This fund is intended to help various juvenile delinquency prevention projects.

In 2010 the OM collected 872.824 guilders in fine. The introduction of “Paga bo But” (pay your fine), which is the electronic system introduced in 2009, especially for fine-collection has definitely contributed to this increase in fine collection. But there were quite a few problems in the implementation thereafter. In the annual report for 2011 the OM stated that a special support team was appointed to eliminate the delays in court hearings from 2009-2011, clean up the “Paga bo But” file and to maximize the collection of fines.

Many fines were returned because the addressed were not correct or because the person had moved. Also, comments were received from offenders who already paid, but still received a notification.

According to the annual report, the department for fine-recoveries had to function optimally in 2012. In 2011, 14 percent of the issued summons- fines (OPV's) session were dismissed. Of these OPV's 1811 were dropped. There's the amount of 266,854 guilders collected.

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