Published On: Wed, Apr 11th, 2018

OM: Recidivism in traffic too high

PoliceWILLEMSTAD - Driving uninsured on public roads on Curaçao is a big problem. For example, in 2017, the police fined 4,375 motorists for not being able to show a valid insurance certificate for the vehicle on the first request. It concerns 3,896 offenders.

There are offenders who have received a traffic fine several times in 2017 for the same offense. The recidivism is therefore high.

Driving without a valid insurance

The report of the Public Prosecution Service shows that 3,488 once received a fine in 2017 for uninsured driving. 350 motorists received two fines in 2017 for driving without a valid insurance certificate. 47 drivers received 3 fines, 9 received 4 fines and 2 drivers even 5 fines for the same offence.

The conclusion is that at least 408 motorists get on the road without a valid insurance because they could not show this certificate at least 2 times. Little can be said about the rest of the group, there may be drivers who still drive uninsured but who have not been stopped by the police.

Driver’s license

In 2017, the police issued 6,599 fines for not being able to show a valid driver’s license on the first request. It concerns 5.277 offenders. Again a large number of repeat offenders. Of these, 957 drivers received 2 or more fines.

Since the summer of 2017, the Public Prosecution (OM) has been more stringent in the event of recidivism for driving without a driver’s license. These suspects are no longer off the case by only paying a fine. Their case goes to court where a detention is demanded against the suspect.

The Public Prosecutor is now extending this recidivism policy to driving without a valid insurance policy on public roads. Also, suspects who drive repeatedly without insurance can expect a claim for detention from the Public Prosecution.

The Curaçao Police Force and the Public Prosecutor will also note who the owners of the cars with which these offences are committed. As a result, they run the risk that their cars will be forfeited if it turns out that these cars are repeated on the road without having a valid driver’s license or insurance.

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