Published On: Fri, Oct 12th, 2012

Press Release Public Prosecutor: Voters bribery is punishable

WILLEMSTAD – There are persistent rumors in the community about one or more political parties who will pay or want to pay people to vote for them.

The Public Prosecutors office wants to remind the community that voting is a sacred right which takes place in all secrecy. Those who try to bribe voters or try to influence a voter through gifts, is risking being penalized with a maximum of two year prison sentence and/or a 25.000 guilder fine. The same penalty is valid for those who accepts gifts for their vote or accepts any kind of bribes for their votes.

Article 2:44 of our new Penal Code states:

  1. He who on the occasion of a legally required written election, by gift or promise bribes someone or another's suffrage, or in some way to exercise their right, shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding two years or a fine of the fourth category.
  2. The same punishment is imposed on the voter who accepts gift or promise as a bribe.

Complicity on the fact of bribery of a voter is also punishable by law. In this case the Public Prosecutor will use article 1:124:

As accomplices to a crime are considered:

  1. they who intentionally assists in the commission of the crime;
  2. those who intentionally seek opportunity, means or information to commit of the crime

Willemstad October 12, 2012

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