Published On: Thu, Dec 4th, 2014

Project “Alivio” of the OM: Last warning before unpaid fines increases by 20%

Public ProsecutionWILLEMSTAD - The file of the Public Prosecution Service of Curaçao (OM) currently has some 1,000 people with three or more outstanding fines. They run the risk of very soon of having to pay 20% more. This is according to an urgent appeal of the OM to those with an outstanding fines to pay before the second reminder out the door in January 2015.

In Curaçao there are several individuals with 10 or more outstanding fines under their name, which they received between 2011 and 2014. The OM file includes 3 people with 9 outstanding fines, 4 with 8 outstanding fines, 9 people with 7 outstanding fines, 27 people with six fines, 97 people with 5 fines, 259 people with four fines, 782 people with 3 fines, 2,657 persons with two fines and a whopping 10,029 people with one outstanding fine.

The Public Prosecution Curacao urges all those with outstanding fines to come and pay. A call also goes to those who already have a payment agreement, but did not comply with it.

Next week the current balances under "Alivio" will go to all with outstanding fines. These are delivered by a bailiff of the prosecutor or by the police. The police will deliver letters during their patrols. To avoid this, the prosecution appeals to all to visit the Temple in Punda to make the payment and to avoid an increase of the cost.


A motorist is fined (transaction) of 400 guilders for driving without insurance. After The trial the fine becomes 500 guilders. After the first reminder 525 guilders and after second reminder even 630 guilders. The increases can be avoided by timely and fast paying. For every 50 guilders outstanding fine a one day alternative sentence can be imposed.

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