Published On: Mon, Jan 22nd, 2018

Public Prosecution: Increase in human trafficking cases in 2017”

human traffickingWILLEMSTAD - The human trafficking cases in Curaçao have increased enormously in 2017 in comparison with previous years. In 2015, 4 cases of human trafficking were brought to court. In 2016 two cases and 14 cases were dealt with in 2017, 9 of which were already treated by the court. Five cases from 2017 will be presented before a judge in 2018.

Besides the trafficking of human beings, the Public Prosecution (OM) was also successful prosecuting cases such as “De Rode Leeuw” (2009), “Victoria” (2014), “Race Café” (2013) and “Bandera Grill” from 2016 and brought to court in 2017.

The OM conducted an investigation in 2017 with the title Venezuelan "Tragomeisjes": Curaçao's Secret Import. Most undocumented women who were interrogated in this investigation indicated to the OM that they came to the island legally as tourists. After being deported, these ladies came back to the island illegally. They came via smuggling boats.

Human trafficking includes recruiting, transporting or trading people against their will for the purpose of sexual exploitation, labor exploitation or any other form of exploitation. In Curaçao the victims are also often known as "trago (drinking) girls”. Other sectors where human trafficking occurs, not only in Curaçao but also worldwide, are the construction, tourism and hospitality industry.

In 2018, the Public Prosecution Service will also take tough action against these forms of modern slavery.

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