Published On: Thu, Jun 8th, 2017

Public Prosecution still investigating fraud case former Director Giro Bank

GarciaWILLEMSTAD - The Public Prosecution of Curaçao is still investigation the fraud case involving the former Director of the Giro Bank, Eric Garcia. This was confirmed by Valery Maria who is the curator that discovered the fraud committed by Garcia.

This case has been ongoing for about a year now. Garcia requested to hear two witnesses in the case, who are living abroad. According to Maria, this automatically means that the case will experience some delay since they will have to find these witnesses and follow the procedures according to the law to be able to hear them.

The Court of Justice declared Garcia bankrupt recently. This bankruptcy is related to embezzlement of funds of the Maracaibo Bank and also the debts Garcia has.

Garcia was arrested last year July 20 at the airport of Curaçao right after arrival. He is suspected of forgery and embezzlement. He committed these criminal acts during his time as curator of the Banco Maracaibo S.A.

The case came to light when the judge appointed a new curator for the bank, Valery Maria. Maria, in a very short time, noticed that there were certain things that were not right and she immediately contacted the Maduro & Curiel’s Bank to see where the rest of the creditors’ money was. Here she discovered that the money was not deposited in the indicated bank. This document forms the base of the accusations.

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