Published On: Mon, Oct 8th, 2012

Public Prosecutor investigating coup allegations Schotte and Monk

WILLEMSTAD – Prime Minister Stanley Betrian has approached the Attorney General, according to the motion adopted by the majority in parliament, in relation to the allegations of a coup by former Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte and former Minister of Education Carlos Monk.

As is already known, the majority in parliament has adopted three motions on September 3. One of these motions was to request Prime Minister Betrian, who is also Minister of Justice, to approach the Attorney General to start a legal case for perjury and damages caused by Schotte and Monk and for the defamation on Curacao in the international arena.

This motion was adopted because according to the members of parliament, the declarations made by Schotte and Monk suggested that there was a coup in Curacao, and this has caused damage to the good name of Curacao in the international arena.

These declarations were made by Monk through the internet (on youtube) and Schotte through interviews on international television.

Minister Betrian has immediately complied with the motions and paid a visit to the Attorney General, where the petition was handed to start the investigation and to see how can prosecute these two former ministers for what they did to Curacao.

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