Published On: Mon, Mar 24th, 2014

Suspect in the murder case Helmin Wiels transferred to the Netherlands

Helmin-WielsWILLEMSTAD – One of the suspects in the murder case of the late politician and political leader, Helmin Magno Wiels, was transferred to the Netherlands for his own safety. This is according to the spokesman for the Public Prosecutor, Guillano Scoop.

“Of course I can’t say where in the Netherlands, but he left last week. I can’t say where he was before he left. When he was arrested he used his right to remain silent, but is now willing to cooperate with the authorities. A few weeks ago he made some statements, which can be helpful in the case,” Scoop declared.

The spokesman also said that the suspect’s lawyer was notified of the transfer. His lawyer is Mrs. Olga Saleh-Kostrzewski. “I can’t and I’m not allowed to say anything about this. The media will have to wait for more information about this transfer and about his declarations. I can confirm that I am his lawyer,” Mrs. Saleh-Kostrzewski said.

In all probability the suspect will be present during the trial of the case 'Magnus', which is from May 21 to 23 of this year.

There are three other suspects in jail at this moment. According to the Minister of Justice, Nelson Navarro, the authorities already know who gave the orders to assassinate the former politician. Mr. Scoop did not want to comment on the Minister’s statement.

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