Published On: Thu, Apr 7th, 2016

Suspects Buncamper-case sentenced for forgery and filing false tax returns

Courthouse-sxmPHILIPSBURG, WILLEMSTAD - The Prosecutor’s Office is content with the verdict of the court of first instance today in the Buncamper-case. The Prosecutor’s Office was found admissible in the case brought in court against the suspects C.B., M.B.-M., F.G., I.H. and T.W.

In his verdict the judge held it against the couple B. that as public servant they should have set the correct example for the community. The suspects were found guilty of committing forgery with authentic deeds and filing falsified tax returns. By their actions the people of St. Maarten were deprived of much needed tax income. The judge agreed with the Prosecutor’s Office that the truth was violated.

The judge also found fault in the actions of the notary. The community should be able to trust notaries to act in a honest and correct way.

The sentences were as follows:

The Couple B. was sentenced to 12 months in jail fully suspended, probation period of 3 years and 240 hours of community service or 120 days in jail;

SBS director I.H. was sentenced to 3 months in jail fully suspended, probation period of 2 years and 120 hours community service unconditional;

Notary F. G. was sentenced to 240 hours community service or 120 days in jail;

Eco Green director T.W. was acquitted of all charges against him.

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