Published On: Mon, Jul 29th, 2013

Twelve weeks now: authorities are convinced that they will solve Wiels’ case

Helmin-WielsWILLEMSTAD – It has been twelve weeks since Wiels’ assassination and the authorities are still convinced that they will solve the murder case. Certain information indicates that there is progress in the investigation, including large amounts which were found during different raids.

Our news partners Notisia 360 interviewed many people on the street and they are not so convinced as the authorities. Investigators say that people must realize that this is a major investigation which is taking place. One of the things that the investigators are trying to avoid is to make mistakes that could cost them heavily later on.

That is exactly what the member of Parliament for Pueblo Soberano, Elmer Wilsoe, said during an interview with Notisia 360. During this interview he indicated that his party wants clarity on who’s involved in this case and for what reason. Wilsoe has also asked the investigators to make sure they don’t make mistakes.

The key question here is how far are they with the investigation? The answer is always the same; “We are making progress and will solve the case.”

Now we must wait and see what the next step is and what can be expected in the coming weeks.

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