Published On: Mon, Sep 3rd, 2012

Van Assendelft van Wijck was not declared bankrupt

WILLEMSTAD – The bankrupt petition of twenty creditors versus project developer Chris Van Assendelft van Wijck was served last August 31 and September 3. Van Assendelft has not been declared bankrupt, because he has paid all creditors. The session took place behind closed doors.

It comes to a total amount of 1.393.108 guilders. Aqualectra, with a claim of 213.519 guilders, now has a payment arrangement.

After the court session of Friday August 7, Van Assendeft van Wijck got  until August 31, 2012 to ' get things in order '. The lawyers and parties concerned also got a speaking ban. There was another long session last Friday, this time without speaking ban. The session was continued on September 3, after the number of creditors increased, from twelve to twenty.

Kiki Beach
Van Assendelft van Wijck is also known as the man of the 1.3 billion guilders Kiki Beach project, which has not started yet. The judge ruled on August 14 in another lawsuit against the project developer that a replacement damages had to be paid of 350,000 guilder to Englishman Roger Bonham.

Image: Van Assendelft van Wijck pictures second from left

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