Published On: Mon, Mar 10th, 2014

2013 International Narcotics Control on Curaçao

WillemstadWILLEMSTAD - Curacao is an autonomous entity within the Kingdom of the Netherlands (KON). Curacao enjoys a high degree of autonomy on most internal matters, but defers to the KON on matters of defense, foreign policy, final judicial review, human rights, and good governance. Curacao is a regional financial center and a transshipment point for drugs from South America bound for the United States and Europe.

Money laundering is primarily related to proceeds from illegal narcotics. Money laundering organizations can take advantage of banking secrecy and use offshore banking and incorporation systems, economic free zone areas, and resort/casino complexes to place, layer and launder drug proceeds. Another possible area of money laundering activity may be through wire transfers between the island and the Netherlands. Bulk cash smuggling is a continuing problem due to the close proximity of Curacao to South America.

Curacao has two economic free zones. It is not known to what extent “contrabanding” (using bulk cash to buy actual products which are shipped to South America and sold, thus legitimizing the profits) occurs. The worldwide financial recession continues to slow the economic activities of the zones, although local merchants are confident this will change soon. Curacao has an active “e-zone” which provides e-commerce investors a variety of tax saving opportunities and could be vulnerable to illegal activities.

Curacao’s offshore financial sector consists of trust service companies providing financial and administrative services to an international clientele, including offshore companies, mutual funds, and international finance companies. The extent of this sector is not clear, but it has declined in scale due to the worldwide financial crisis. Also, several international financial services companies have relocated their businesses elsewhere because the island suffers from a negative international perception as a tax haven. Banking regulations require international banks to have a physical presence and maintain records on the island. Owning bearer shares is prohibited for onshore companies, and international companies must maintain bearer shares in custody. Several casinos and Internet gaming companies operate on the island, although the number of Internet gaming companies is declining.

Source: Persbureau Curacao

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